The story of

Come With Me [&Tilly x Horseshoes]

single / 2022-10-27
indie folk, acoustic, americana / guitar, banjo, drums, organ, vocals

We are incredibly happy and honored to be able to put a folky, though completely different in-feel track called Come With Me, together with an incredibly talented Washington-based folk-emo country artist named Horseshoes. Come With me is a bit unusual, heavily textured love song that evolves all the way, from the beginning to the end. It is a duet, however, not your usual one - and it is as folky as it is alternative, especially in the arrangement. We are especially proud of the touching choir-like bridge and the beautiful climax in the last chorus.

An important person in the whole was also Robby Sinclair (Natasha Bedingfield, Montaigne, Baio, Sam Valdez) on drums, who gave the whole song a completely different dimension with his skillful drummer skills. There's, of course, the unique folky sound thanks to an authentic banjo – kudos to Horseshoes.

"an unusual, textured love song that evolves all the way"

Most of the music video was shot throughout Norway as a part of the "Come with me" road trip :) If you are curious about what, which places exactly you can see in the video, its: Vikøyri, Hemsedal, Ovrisvatnet, Torp, Bergen, Bryggen, Fossen bratte, and Sandvinvatnet. As our collaboration with Horseshoes was fully remote, so was the rest of the video - Horseshoes' part of the footage is from Rocky Creek Park in Washington.

Artist: Horseshoes & &Tilly
Writers: Horseshoes & &Tilly
Lyrics: Horseshoes & &Tilly
Music: Horseshoes & &Tilly
Producer: Horseshoes & &Tilly
Video: Horseshoes & &Tilly

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& lyrics

If I knew which way to go
 I wouldn’t move so slow
 I’ve been walking in the snow
 If I knew which way to flow
 When the wind began to blow
 I never wanted to lose control 
 You said, “come with me”    
 “come with me”
 You said, “come with me”
 “come with me”
 So I stood up on my feet 
 When you said you’d like to meet
 But I was slipping in the sleet
 When you took me by the hand
 Helped my feet to find firm land
 You said, “you gotta tell me so you’ll understand”
 You said, “come with me” 
 “come with me”
 You said, “come with me”
 “come with me”
 There’s nothing here to see
 If you stay you’ll freeze
 The more you try to be strong
 The more you seem weak
 Longer you don’t wake up
 Longer you stay asleep
 “Come with me”
 “Come with me”
 Never say goodbye again
 “Come with me”
 “Come with me”
 Never say goodbye again
 “Come with me”
 “Come with me”
 Never say goodbye again
 “Come with me”
 “Come with me”
 So I took you by the arm
 And I told you I was wrong
 I wished I’d been here all along

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