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2023-09-06: Alot of love-lost nostalgia in September. We can't spell enough what an honor it has been for us ^–^ Tilly became a guest of An Early Bird's last release before his album comes. The song: Sober Love

2023-08-10: We're living In Circles in August – releasing a very ethereal track that got compared to Enya or the late Sinéad O'Connor. Get ready for haunting poeticality, and also an instrumental version. .

2023-07-13: The world got grey in July - and we're singing about it in a colorful way. Foot-tappy vibes, melancholia, and a lot of synths are waiting for you in our newest release, Grey Wide World.

& the NEXT

At the start of October, a duet with Neal Carlson will sing its claws into your feelings.

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& songs that have stories

25+ original songs on our &Tilly Spotify YoutubeMusic

Each song is a story of its own, and each has a story behind it as well. Read more about: 3AM Lullaby [&Tilly x BlauDisS] (2022) 8.8 [ALBUM] (2022) Not in the Right Mood (2022) Afterwars (2021) Are You Me? (2021) A Walk in the Dark (2022) B(l)inding Love (2020) BURN.INC [&Tilly x MWAFS] (2022) Come Home, Please (2021) Come With Me [&Tilly x Horseshoes] (2022) Conscience Eaters (2022) Dandelions (2022) Dawn (2022) Don't Lay on the Floor (DLOTF) (2021) Easy Way Out (2021) Grey Wide World (2023) Her (2023) Hurdless [ALBUM] (2022) Impress (2021) In Circles (2023) In My Mind (2022) Irene (2020) It's Snowtime (2021) Kelsey O'nara - A Cappella (2022) Liar [&Tilly x Mats Dernánd] (2023) Not Alone (2021) Sadness is a Blessing [&Tilly x Jordan Murawa] (2023) Shoot You [&Tilly x Timberly] (2023) Slow (2022) Sober Love [An Early Bird x &Tilly] (2023) Souls in Need (2023) Stockholm Song (2020) Sunset (2021) The Apple Orchard Hidden in the Pie (2021) The F-Side Country (2020) The Ship and the Waves (2021) The Song for the Blind Girl (2020) Then She Ran [&Tilly x BlauDisS x whikerms] (2023) To All Mine (2020) Unopen (2022) Virtuality (2020) (When You're) Gone (2021) Where Can You Sea (2021) Winds (2020) What's Lost Can Be Found (2022)

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There is an overwhelming amount of music around, yet we find only a fragment of it unique. We try to hand-pick and collect such unique music from known as well as less known musicians to listen to ourselves and bring it to you in a handful of curated Spotify playlists.

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