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The end of the summer is here, but it seems we're going to have TWO songs EACH month till Xmas. Sounds crazy & exciting even to me.

The track #4 for 8.8 album The Ship and the Waves is the strongest and most signature-like song of the whole 8.8 album. Hazy almost, with panning to imitate the sea's movement, and full of acknowledgment of life and partnership hardships that shake one to the core... The Ship and the Waves song is propelled by the monotone jazzy guitar while in opposition to the moving /sound/ waves of rhodes and piano. Full of the unspoken, the Ship and the Waves has its own acoustic strength and an unseen internal acceptance.

Moving on now. The collab with Yan resulted in line of few unique dark SYNTH tunes. The first and the most pop sounding song is rather sad. It really is. But that's the actual feeling (When You're) Gone

& the NEXT

On the Oct 8 we will be back to acoustic 8.8 again. And for this time, Not Alone/a>.

& songs that have stories

Each song is a story of its own, and each has a story behind it as well. Read more about: Afterwars (2021) B(l)inding Love (2020) Come Home, Please (2021) Don't Lay on the Floor (DLOTF) (2021) Irene (2020) Kelsey O'nara (2020) Stockholm Song (2020) Sunset (2021) The Apple Orchard Hidden in the Pie (2021) The F-Side Country (2020) The Ship and the Waves (2021) The Song for the Blind Girl (2020) To All Mine (2020) Virtuality (2020) (When You're) Gone (2021) Where Can You Sea (2021) Winds (2020)

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