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The first release of 2021 somehow happened to be Afterwars. Created unexpectedly (as yet another of our 2nd-most-important-things), we put together only the sound of rhodes (a type of electric piano) and the voice to tell a story. Filled with post-war ambience, it is influenced not only by typical Middle Ages war you can imagine from either the Lord of the Rings-style of movies or Fallout game series... the song also reflects the actual, almost after-war-ish, covid situation, deaths & lockdowns.

Afterwars' feeling also corresponds to the moment Disney's Mulan enters a burned-out village - and with its music video, we tried to acknowledge the allusion, so strongly connected to the feeling as well as our personalities. Our music and songwriting style is, overall, considerably influenced by animation movies' music... did you know?

We are super glad to announce we are finishing the last song of our first full-length studio album we decided to call "8.8", ... sporting (surprisingly) eight tracks overall. Early April, it will be out for you all, we hope^^ ...if nothing bad happens, that is.

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