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(July 2021) We carry on releasing the 8.8 album tracks - on the 8th day each month.

July brings the #2: The Apple Orchard Hidden in the Pie. A tasty a lovable acoustic duet.

'Come Home, Please' is the first-ever written &Tilly song. It was created at a time when none of us even thought of making music. Then it took a long (well, half dormant) journey till it got to be what it is today. The first-ever, and the simplicity of the idea of coming home - not to a place but on the right journey - is why it comes as the first on the album.

& the NEXT

The next song on Aug 8th: Don't Lay on the Floor
In between, a couple of surprises: collab with a nice producer Yan👋

& songs that have stories

Each song is a story of its own, and each has a story behind it as well. Read more about: Afterwars (2021) Come Home, Please (2021) Kelsey O'nara (2020) Stockholm Song (2020) Virtuality (2020)

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