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About &Tilly


Bubble guns, cotton panties, and marsh-mellows. And a lot of underwater rainbows. Welcome to the world of &Tilly.

T (tilly) is a poet, a singer of thousand&one songs, a melody lover, an always-curious fast doer, and a unicorn - with all it takes.

V (vii) is a multi-instrumentalist, music & video producer, the mirror of the other side, soul-split into an artist and engineer - with all it takes as well.

We're &Tilly, an under-the-radar, international, genre-bending project that started with... an end. As two introverted individuals, we're nothing, just one or the other; we got connected through our own personal ends to create something more than ourselves. Over time, we also connected with various amazing artists all over the world, giving our music incredible new dimensions. The link, the base of it all would be the unique voice and the mellow style of the singer and songwriter, Tilly.

"Breaking the raindrops to rainbows."

In the &Tilly world, profound lyrics, powerful melodies, and haunting soundscapes take center stage. Through music, you can strongly feel the beauty of an inner sadness, the depth of an unanswered question, and a lot that feels heavy and unsolvable. Genre-wise, it's also not too easy – the &Tilly project blends alternative dream pop with folk, singer-songwriter, country, and even synthpop and electronic vibes. Each song is different from the other, taking you on a unique journey while making it hard to clearly class the music.

Thank you, love you – for connecting with us through our music.



Music Videos

Most of &Tilly songs come with self-produced atmospheric lyric videos.

Hi-res Photos

thank you, love you

As independent musicians, we do all around our music ourselves, &YOU can help us very much (for free) by following us on Spotify / Youtube / Apple, adding our songs you like to your own playlists, or just writing us to express your opinion or any input you have. It would mean the world to us.

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