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About &Tilly


&Tilly is a couple (in music&life) on their song/writing journey since 2019, occasionally interwound with other amazing artists from around the world for joint short or long-term musical endeavors (Thank you & love you guys).

T (tilly) is a poet, a singer of thousand&one songs, a melody lover, an always-curious fast doer, and a unicorn - with all it takes.

V (vii) is a multi-instrumentalist, music & video producer, the mirror of the other side, soul-split into an artist and engineer - with all it takes as well.

Two beings who have already learned their life lesson or two, no youngsters, just runaways from human pretentiousness and the "games of worlds" - none of them dreams of being a mainstream music star. They aspire to find those (even if it's only a few) who'd appreciate profound lyrics, non-template-ish, non-conform, introspective music of several forms and styles merging into something new.

As introverted artists, professionally disappointed by all the aggressive marketing noise around us, V&T don't chase mainstream exposure.

Almost all of &Tilly songs convey melancholy, sad, or deeper aspects of life, nevertheless often dressed in colorful, melodic arrangements. Therein stems their tagline:

"Breaking the raindrops to rainbows."

Determining the right genres of their songs seems to be a significant issue quite often. Their style has no single name and could be described as Poetic Indie; Sung Poetry New Folk; Melodic Ambient Pop; Bright Darkness; Alternative... and more.

The three fundamentals the duo seeks and dwells on in music are powerful lyrics, signature melodies, and unique soundscapes.

Vii&Tilly are no pros (from the mainstream understanding of this word) and won't pretend to be such, nor compete with them. A touching picture worth awards can, in their minds, come out of a 50-year-old consumer-level camera and a simple point of view just as much as from an established artist with professional equipment.

Over time they found their place in a 9 square meters room. It became their place to live, breathe, work and create - a bedroom studio at its best. In the time of two years, they created over 90 original songs that came as naturally as the wind blows. Now, it takes an immense effort to officially release them all, especially if they have jobs to do for a living, but they are being released one by one over time nonetheless.

Besides that, two very different albums arose from a collaboration with similar artists from around the world.


Music Videos

Most of their songs come with self-produced atmospheric lyric videos.

Hi-res Photos

thank you, love you

As independent musicians, we do all around our music ourselves, &YOU can help us very much (for free) by following us on Spotify / Youtube, adding our songs you like to your own playlists, or just writing us to express your opinion or any input you have. It would mean the world to us.

Your Patreon support not only helps us. It makes YOU a part of our lives and creative process - passively ar actively, up to your linking. We can talk or share our actual work in progress, play for you. It will be You &Tilly.

NOW: Eight supporters get one of the limited edition, 32-page original pictures/lyrics/poems art/book dedicated to the message of our first studio album.

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