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single / 2024-02-29
ambient folk, cinematic / e.piano, cellos, drums, vocals

Hľadám (I'm Looking for) is poetry in song form, and our first release in Slovak, the language Tilly was born into. It's gentle and dreamy but incredibly rich, full of pictures and metaphors and a lot of Tilly's grey-colored heart.

"Hľadám (I'm Looking for) is poetry in song form, and our first release in Slovak"

Many of you may never have heard the Slovak language before, though a dear, non-Slovak friend of ours said that even if not French-like at all, the song reminded him of French chansons. And so, this intimate singer-songwriter tune evolves into an almost cinematic feel with an ambient folk side, and it slowly but urgently rolls in to eat you whole.

We purposely went for a very simple, one-take, intimate-feeling video, trying to make you feel like being right there, very close to Tilly, dreaming together in the dark.

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Hľadám, hľadám, nenachádzam, viem
 Hľadám, hľadám, kde je nejaký tieň
 Hľadám, hľadám, v tieni pre mňa miesto
 Hľadám, hľadám, tienim a už nie som
 Vykúpem sa v zlatom daždi lúčov
 A zmyjem stopy kľúčov ktorých niet
 Skryjem, čo ostalo od rozlúčok
 Pre tých, čo ostanú a ja smiem
 Hľadáš, hľadáš, nenašiel si ešte 
 Hľadáš, stratený les čo bol v meste
 Hľadáš, hľadáš, no ja som ho vzala
 Hľadáš, no je možné, že to vzdala
 Vykúpeš sa v zlatom prúde zo slov
 Zmyjúc stopy restov druhých strán
 Už vtedy si vedel, kde sa skrývam
 Tichúčko ťa chytím kým som tam
 Hľadám, kde ty hľadáš
 Hľadáš a mňa niet
 Sadnem, kde si sadáš
 A zbadám iný svet
 Vykúpem ťa…
 Zmyté stopy…
 Skry tých, čo ostanú…
 Ja tichúčko ťa chytím…
 Hľadám English lyrics:
 I am looking, looking, I am not finding it, I know
 I am looking, looking for some shadow
 I'm looking, looking for a place for me in the shadows
 I'm looking, looking, shielding the sun, and I'm no more
 I'll bathe in the golden rain of rays
 And wash away the traces of keys not there anymore
 I'll hide what's left of goodbyes
 For those who remain, and I'm allowed to
 You're looking, looking, you haven't found it yet 
 You're looking for the lost forest once in the city
 You're looking, looking, but I've taken it with me
 You're looking, but it may be she just gave up
 You'll bathe in a golden stream of words
 Washing away the traces of the other sides
 Even then, you knew where I was hiding
 I'll catch you quietly while I'm there
 I'm looking where you're looking
 You're looking, and I'm not there
 I'll sit where you are sitting
 And I'll see another world
 I'll bathe you...
 The washed-off traces...
 Hide those who remain...
 And I'll catch you quietly...

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