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Hurdless [ALBUM]

album Hurdless / 2022-11-24
synthpop, synth rock, progressive rock

Hurdless is a set of dark (and even darker) synth-rockish songs of lower tempo and deep lyrics with psychedelic seasoning. Hurdless is a wordplay, as the whole album was made in collaboration with a fantastic German producer and a dear friend, Yan Hurd. It also plays with the word hurdles, the things that stand in your way, stopping you (or making you jump over them).

"Hurdless is a wordplay!"

Focusing on the mellower side of things, Hurdless is rich in textures and emotional lyrics, often reflecting a heavy, sad state of mind in 80s and 90s soundscapes, though always with a twist. Heavily influenced by rock, alt pop, electropop, but also synthwave, Hurdless will take you through an evolving world of the electronic half of &Tilly music.

Artist&lyrics: &Tilly
Writers&Music: &Tilly & Yan Hurd
Music Producer: Yan Hurd
Video: &Tilly

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