The story of

In My Mind

album Hurdless / 2022-11-24
synth rock / synths, guitar drums, vocals

Ever felt others' emotions as real as those dear only to you? Then you can definitely relate. Welcome - in my mind 😁

In My Mind is the first track (in order) and the last one (in terms of release date) of our electronic and synth-oriented album Hurdless. A special one in terms of the arrangement, In My Mind has only 1 intro, 1 verse, 1 chorus & 1 outro - so you won't get bored with repetitions much. It touches singer songwiter, alt and electro pop, soft rock and alt rock as well.

Do you always know what is real? As I don't. I do, however, love how this synth-tinged, rock-singer songwriter ballad evolves, keeping an incredible emotional depth while also talking about the often painful reality of living in one's head more than in real life.

"Ever felt others' emotions as real as those dear only to you? "

Artist&lyrics: &Tilly
Writers&Music: &Tilly & Yan Hurd
Music Producer: Yan Hurd
Video: &Tilly

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& lyrics

What if the world will look like this 
 The same tomorrow in twenty years
 What if there was an upside down
 We’ve just been living it most of the time
 What if we’ll always be like this 
 The same mistakes throughout the years
 What if this is all we’ll ever be
 I’ll just live in you, and you’ll live in me
 In my mind I hear your cries
 I’m there, and I’m not, I can’t decide
 In my mind I feel your pain
 Though I can’t, and you can’t walk again
 Talk to me, I hear your voice
 For too long, and too much, and too close
 Talk to me, I hear, I know
 Though I can’t, and you can’t walk alone
 In my mind
 Is this all in my mind
 Are you there
 Or are you not inside
 In my mind
 In my mind
 Is this all in my mind
 Is this all in my mind
 Is this all
 In my mind I hear your cries
 We might
 Just stay
 In my mind

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