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album Sung Poetry / 2020-07-31
acoustic duet / guitar, bass, piano, vocals

The Irene song was created very simply - Vii picking a tune on the guitar, and T seeing the whole story of the tune immediately in her head. Not even knowing he does it, Vii somehow told her a story of a girl Irene, and her lover Isaac.

"An imaginary 'letter' the two never actually put together"

Even if loving her very much, Isaac couldn't live with himself without trying other things, going away to see the world and all the opportunities it offers. Learning over time that there was nothing better to be found, he's longing for his Irene, regretting his going away while hoping she's well, not forgetting his love for her. Irene, left at home, sad and confused from losing and missing the love of her life, calls Isaac back with every thought while physically deteriorating. Irene dies eventually from heartache. Despite all the suffering, Irene's only wish is for her love Isaac not to forget her - which is exactly what Isaac wishes for.

The whole story is expressed in the form of an imaginary 'letter' the two never actually put together, just "writing" to the other in their mind.

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I made a mistake
 I was so wrong, Irene
 I made a mistake
 Leaving you here, my dear
 I am so sorry
 I am so sorry, my love
 I miss you ever since
 I'll miss you till I'm done
 I made a mistake
 So out of place, Irene
 If one thing to wish for
 Having you here, quite near
 Irene, don't disappear
 Even if I did
 Irene, remember me
 I for sure will
 Where are you, dear
 Why did you leave, Isaac
 I don't understand
 Did I make you run back
 I am so sorry
 I am so sorry, my love
 I miss you ever since
 I'll miss you till I'm done
 Where are you, dear
 I'll need to go, Isaac
 There's not much time
 My time is almost up
 Isaac, you disappeared
 And I'm almost gone
 Isaac, remember me
 Forever yours
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