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Kelsey O'nara - A Cappella

album 8.8 / 2022-02-08
calm ballad / acappella

Kelsey O'nara is a ballad about many things, first and foremost about embracing death (death doesn't mean a bad thing to be scared of, you know) represented by the beautiful Kelsey. First, a poem, Kelsey was "songified" later on. Kelsey O'nara is also a first-released (and last in order) song from our album called 8.8 that is to be released in early 2021.

Say: O'nara, sayōnara.

"A folky acappella ballad about a beautiful girl ... or not? Sayōnara."

Tilly's take on Kelsey:

I wrote Kelsey as a "grace" to a shadow of Death I often see when I don't feel alive enough anymore. Trying to picture her as a beautiful person that doesn't need to be scared of, I wrote a poem... and I still find Kelsey O'nara one of the fullest poems I ever wrote.

I see Death is a friend that is with us our whole life. Walking behind us, leaving us alone, a quiet companion that will always be there, since everybody will die. That's part of life. Death doesn't try to steal our life from us - it does that to those that are so scared of it; it takes their energy and time unnecessarily... To accept Death means you live your life to the fullest - no constant looking behind, no wasting your time not doing what you want, putting it away, or waiting for later. And when your time comes - you know you lived, you know you loved as much as you could possibly have, and it's enough. At that moment, you may start to be afraid - it's hard to say goodbye, after all... to make the last effort and smile at the pretty thing smiling back at you, embracing you, and moving on - it's the nicest sayōnara I could imagine.

Kelsey O'nara (Asylum Version) - Kelsey O'nara being a ballad about death being a friend, not a bad, scary thing, was the first that went through our minds when we visited an abandoned psychiatric asylum. Being an edgy place, we felt like redoing the song to a more electronic, upbeat, almost-dance version to accompany the urbex video that was created based on our visit.

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Kelsey O’nara
 a girl with eyes so green
 you find yourself lost in that what could seem
 like the green pastures of forever to hold
 just say, say her name to call her again
 say, say: O’nara, my dearest friend
 Kelsey O’nara
 a girl of thousand faces
 you need to caress her to know how the changes
 go through to get, get you through
 just say, say her name to learn a few new ways
 say, say: O’nara, I loved and I’ll love those days
 Kelsey O’nara
 a girl of the purest smiles
 you’ll want to smile back for her to know that you tried
 finding yourself grown over by a warm hug
 just say, say her name to feel the calm, calm happy
 say, say: O’nara, yourself I just might need
 Kelsey O’nara
 a girl of the last goodbyes
 you don’t know how to say or how to make last
 you try anyway since the future is to pass
 so say, say her name with a one last bow
 say, say: O’nara, take my hand, and let’s go
 take my hand, and let’s go

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