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Liar [&Tilly x Mats Dernánd]

single / 2023-03-23
pop singer-songwriter / piano, synths, trumpet, bass, drums, vocals, duet

"You are all liars. Saying stuff. But it is not real. And I am the biggest liar of you all. Lying and lying about who I am and what I can do and that it will be ok." Those are the words from a real conversation that may have been a start to the song itself.

A collaboration with the Artist of the Year of Örebro, Sweden – Mats Dernánd. Blame-y on the first feel but much deeper than it may seem, Liar is about the end of a relationship one can't believe in but sees clearly at the same time. One blames the other for lying about it being ok, and, at the same time, blames themselves for destroying the last moments of that relationship.

Full of longing for the past, not understanding what went wrong and when, and frustration about their own bad shape making it even worse, the song is a kind of an anti-duet that, in contrast to most duets, doesn't have a good ending. Surprisingly soft and, at the same time, epic thanks to a real trumpet played by Mats, the song carries the vulnerability of Tilly's singing and songwriting and the grandioseness of Mats' production approach.

""You are all liars. Saying stuff. But it is not real. And I am the biggest liar of you all.""

We ended up going for a metaphor of the frustration and arguments that accompany pretty much any Monopoly game and shot the moody music video partly in Prague, Czechia, at Tilly's, and the other part in Mats' hometown, Örebro.

The song was premiered on March 22, 2023 on Swedish P4 Örebro Radio.

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Artist, Writers, Music, Production, and Video: Mats Dernánd & &Tilly
Lyrics: &Tilly

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Sitting in hole of whispers Breathing in all of life
 One has to wonder if all’s already lost
 Ever opened one of old windows
 Ever licked your lips just right
 One has to think of all that’s turned to dust
 What about all those old stories
 And why you say they might be true
 I was thinking all those beliefs weren’t right
 You’re a liar
 And I’m a day
 Stuck at night
 Stuck in puddles and empty words
 Watching all fall apart
 I thought the lies were for normal folks around
 Could you say that ever again
 Could you promise, could you not?
 What comes around eventually goes
 Are we part of cliché stories
 Were we ever any good
 I was thinking all those things were just for looks
 You’re a liar
 And I’m a home
 Full of fight
 Did I ever tell you life’s an undiluted spirit
 And I taste mornings every single night
 Did I ever mention I was never into drinking
 But life’s lessons screwed up my blurry sight
 Bitter as it seems
 Blind as we may be
 It lifts it
 The day and the good nights
 You’re a liar
 And I’m not well
 Drowned in life
 I’m drowned in life
 You’re a liar
 I’m a liar
 You’re a liar
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