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Shoot You [&Tilly x Timberly]

single / 2023-06-15
post-rock, dreampop/ piano, synths, vocals, duet

Shoot You's an ethereal song blending post-rock with dreampop. A beautifully dark composition, Shoot You's weaving lyrics and atmosphere to wrap love and hope in a veil of shadows. Imagine that feeling when you want to make someone yours. It's such a strong desire and a magnetic force pulling you closer. This metaphorical glue gun also carries the potential to shoot – destroy both yourself and the other person, bold and intense.

"Let us know if we made you a post rock fan."

Thanks to the collaboration with the incredibly talented producer, Timberly, from Stockholm, Sweden, Shoot You became an extraordinary fusion of our styles. Timberly's captivating artist persona and unconventional approach to music and visuals add an intriguing dimension to our base idea – as well as the whole song.

To capture the magic on video, we actually went to Sweden. Meeting Tim and shooting Shoot You at Kulturama, the art school where he also shares his expertise as a teacher. We hope to mesmerize you with the result – an atmospheric music video beautifully complementing the song's essence.

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Artist, Writers, Music, Production, and Video: Timberly, &Tilly
Lyrics: &Tilly
Video DOP & Lights: Dougles Ekman

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& lyrics

I’ll shoot you
 With a glue gun
 I’ll shoot you
 To make you the one
 Let me shoot you
 Let me tear you apart
 Let me shoot you
 Glue the pieces known by heart
 By then we’ll freeze in time
 By then I’ll whisper secrets in your ear
 By then we’ll stand in line
 Misunderstood you, weeping out of fear
 I’ll shoot you
 With a glue gun
 Will it hurt, too
 Will you be the one
 Let me shoot you
 Let me turn your inside out
 Let me shoot you
 Reap the thoughts I’ve torn in half
 So when we’ll fall in line
 I can whisper secrets in your ear
 So there will be no time
 To see what others think when they can hear
 I know we’ll freeze in time
 I know the secrets hidden behind tears
 We’ve always stood in line
 I understand you, bleeding without fear
 I’ll shoot you
 I know we’ll freeze in time
 With a glue gun
 I know we’ll freeze in time

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