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album 8.8 / 2022-01-08
smooth jazz folk / acoustic guitar, piano, bass, vocals

Slow is a song about Vii's personal struggles between the patience, slowness vs. T's fuseless rocket speed. It's about love, aloneness, belonging & not to this chaotic universe, which could often be slower... Most of all, it's about enjoying today, not waiting for maybes.

"Most of all, it's about enjoying today, not waiting for maybes."

A simple start evolves to sophisticated simplicity and ends in calming hypnosis.

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I prefer to have it slow,
 Slow to the point of not leaving, leaving my bed
 Held in place, I can’t get home
 Until the sun comes up, making my mood and cheeks red
 Wake my mes, please 
 Vanishing in you, I will rocket to the moon
 There I’ll sleep until noon
 There I’ll never know the time
 Make my noon today, make my today soon
 Being fast, I can get slow,
 Slow in the way I am held, held by the time
 On the fast track, I am home
 Home until told, scolded that I need to change the line
 Rock me to sleep
 Vanishing in you, I will rocket to the sun
 There I’ll walk till I deserve my guns
 There I’ll never know the “mine”
 Making the run today and yesterdays done
 Let’s do our slow very fast
 Now’s the time and point of being, all other is missed
 Let’s put the now in the past
 By living like past is gone and future doesn’t exist
 Let us do today today
 Let us do today slow
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