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album Parachutes / 2022-06-10
indie folk / piano, guitar, bass, drums vocals

Unopen, the 1st song of our next acoustic/melancholic album, is a play of sound between an open road to enjoy life and an unopen personality. It is also a bit of wishful thinking, almost a wanderlust for a place where you belong. Unopen intimately impersonates the want to be better, the failure to be on par with society, to match others’ success... and on that way, the problems arising. That is why it touches anorexia problems as well.

"This song’s a confession, a yearning, a request to connect. "

This song’s a confession, a yearning, a request to connect. It is T, with lyrics she felt very proud to put together in such a way (and she rarely feels like that). Somewhere between Lucy Rose, dodie, and Lumineers, Unopen is too lovable to stay closed in just our hearts. We invite you to get from Unopen to an open road through life with our tune, with us.

We are proud to have made the music video in a very special abandoned place... we connected with very strongly.

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Oh, how I wish
 Oh, how I fish
 Oh, for the glitter that’s below
 I would love to be unopen
 I would love to be an open, open door
 Oh, how I float
 Under every boat
 Oh, how I wish I could’ve flown
 I would love to make unopen
 I would love to make an ever-open loan
 Oh, how I feel
 After every meal
 Oh, like the world just broke in half
 And I ride, I ride
 And I ride, I ride
 And I ride, I ride
 And I ride, I ride
 What a ride, that I find not anymore
 I would love to ride unopen
 I would love to ride an open, open road
 I would love to find an open, open door

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